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Challenges & Responses to Conflictual Politics

The Afghan Taliban’s acknowledgment of the death of their leader Mullah Omar and the ensuing ...
Innovations in technology are changing the tactics of modern-day conflict, turning the cyberworld into a ...
An assessment of the legacy of the oppressed intellectual and social rebel Babasaheb Ambedkar in ...
Rising tensions over maritime claims in the South China Sea have in recent months metastasized ...
On March 11 a delegation of the Syrian National Coordinating Committee for Democratic Change led ...
The first democratic elections of the Arab spring are a moment of pride and hope ...
The nationalist movement developed in the two countries at about the same time, in the ...
  The U.N. Security Council meets to discuss a European-Arab draft resolution endorsing an Arab League ...
The grief at Hugo Chavez’s demise was not restricted to Venezuela and Latin America. The ...
“Who lost Tunisia?” This question may well haunt future European leaders. As Hervé Morin, a ...

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Inside the Islamic State-Malise Ruthven

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Syria’s ongoing autopsy-VIJAY PRASHAD

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Triumph of humanism-Shelley Walia

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After eight decades, Arab poet Kahlil Gibran’s writings live on-Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

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The history of the Islamic State:rise of this Sunni terrorist group-STANLY JOHNY

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Idea of inclusion-Venkitesh Ramakrishnan

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China’s changing working class-Review by Charlie Hore

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Islamic Philosophy I:Past and Present Conditions for Existence and Difference -Mohammed Hashas

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Predator: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution

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The End of American World Order- SHELLEY WALIA

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Ajit doval on Statecraft. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/programme/a-s-dulat-mufti-mohammad-sayeed-mehbooba-mufti-kashmir--the-vajpayee-years-atal-bihari-vajpayee/1/448737.html Vajpayee doubted Mehbooba Mufti: EX-R&AW chief Dulat Girl Shot in Head by Taliban, Speaks at UN: Malala Yousafzai Marxism and women's liberation: talks by Sharon Smith, Abbie Bakan Ahmed Shawki (US ISO): `We can forge the basis for a new and different party Paul Le Blanc on Reflections on the history and future of Leninism Faith & feminism in Pakistan Tariq Ali: The rotten heart of Europe 'The Price of Kings': Yasser Arafat Egypt's Islamists: Threat or opportunity? Balochistan: Pakistan's other war Countering extremism in Pakistan Is the campaign for Palestinian recognition succeeding? Gaddafi : Our Best Villain "Memo Gate" - Mansoor Ijaz full interview & Husain Haqqani response Crisis, Resistance, Political Representation China's sceptical supporting a European bailout. Empire A revolution for all seasons

Fighting in the Fifth Dimension

Pervez Musharraf on U.S.–Pakistan Relations Slavoj Zizek:momentous changes The Koch Brothers

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